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Shana's Emerald Dream

Post by Shana Alter on Tue Apr 29, 2014 9:12 pm

A new journey into the familiar world of Poké... I mean Gensokyo and thus a brand new thread for a brand new adventure.

EPISODE 1: A New Tale.

Yes, I am does news usually travel this fast in Gensokyo... wait nevermind...

Yes... and frankly not fun or comfortable...
*She clearly isn't sane to make someone travel in the back of a moving truck...*

This seems familiar somehow... like dejevu...

So it isn't just Alice anymore?

Now to check on Mary.

So she's staying with you?

So you are here now but why is this in the middle of the floor?

Finally someone else who thinks that is far from normal.

Not yet... she dodged my original question...

Puppets are making those noises... wait you want me to go...

Can I take the orbs and leave you there because I am getting the stranger danger vibe...

I can only choose one but the choice is obvious.

He was scared of her, well Reisen handled that easily enough. Good job.

Really that was worth fleeing from?

Better her with me than you but I do feel sorry for Sanae and Alice though...

Let me get this straight you want me to just go fight my friend... guess I'll go talk to her instead.

Hello, what are you up to?

How did this happen...

Wait, how did you... just how do you have Sanae wasn't she just in Birch's bag a few minutes ago?

I guess so, but I am pretty rusty considering the new types and... sorry wrong game...

I'm coming just give me a moment.

You made me fight her and should you really be saying it is great I won if she's right there?

Of all I catch since it only gives location on those I've seen...

You know that how exactly... I think I was right about this guy.

I can see why having more would be good and where do I get these orbs?

Why, thank you.

Far away from this old guy, I can tell you that right now.

Yes and I don't want to go through that ever again...

How if it is sealed in an orb... I think you're clearly insane now.

Now to get a few new puppets before resting.

That's one, down she's cutie.

She isn't too bad but I can't see her being helpful for long, sadly.

I have encountered hundreds of you already this time I am prepared, Reisen use PsyShot!

And that makes three sealed away but that last one a mouse, seriously? Why couldn't she be a tiger or something... *sigh*

Now for a rest before I continue...

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